An Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Review Won’t Answer These 2 Questions

An Amazon Elements Baby Wipes Review Won’t Answer These 2 Questions

★★★★★ An Amazon Elements Baby Wipes review will not answer these 2 questions. Get the truth from people who own an Amazon Elements Baby Wipes, including the fact that it won’t…

This report about the Amazon Elements Baby Wipes answers these questions
Are they cruelty-free? (#answer1) [2]
Can this be use on face (#answer2)

• When the questioner asked whether the product was cruelty free, he or she was asking if the wipes were initially tested on the skin or eyes of animals to determine whether its ingredients cause allergic reactions. Some people care about this, some do not. It was a reasonable question, though some did not understand it.
• Old question, but when I look up Amazon Premium Products on Peta’s website it says they are cruelty free. (
• I don’t buy products tested on animals either, the ‘who cares’ attitude is disturbing.
• I just want to know if these are tested on animals or not. I do not buy things that are.
• There is no indication on the package whether they are “cruelty-free”.
• I care too! I often ask this question about purchases. I’m glad you do too! It’s a shame that everyone doesn’t care about how animals are mistreated. Thanks!
• Yes. They are cruelty free. I called amazon and was on hold with them for a bit while the customer service rep tried to find the answer. He confirmed with me that they are not.
• I came here looking for the same answer. Instead, I find that the world has become ever more loathsome.
• Since this discussion has been going on for a while, it could be that the info accompanying the product description did not include A ‘cruelty free’ bunny symbol when this question was first asked. The description now does contain A cruelty-free bunny logo, however it is not one of the three official or authorized symbols. I searched a few of the cruelty-free rating and other sites, I didn’t find anything specific stating that this product is cruelty-free, but I got the idea that it’s highly-rated and I assume that means that the cruelty-free claim is reliable. Also, Amazon is a HUGE company and I can’t see them risking their reputation by something as sleazy as lying about a product. I will say that I believe a growing number of companies are expressing caring over issues such as cruelty-free products as well as enviro
nmentally improved products. I DO NOT buy cleansing/groomy or other consumer products that have used experiments on animals, or are supplied from companies and products tested on animals. Thanks for bringing this up – it is the first thing I look for when looking to buy a product. For all those who don’t care if bunnies or other animals are caused severe pain and then killed to find out what damage was done by the product being tested, I can’t imagine how you must view the world – and I hope I never view it that way. For all who don’t know, many to most of these experiments are redundant, causing severe pain, only to find information already widely available. Additionally, there are computer models AND artificial tissues that accomplish the same thing without pain .

amazon elements vs pampers sensitive vs walmart It seems if any product is cruelty free, (not tested on animals) the packaging will say so. If you don’t see the bunny or a specific statement saying that the product is Not tested on animals, then it almost definitely IS! Some of the comments here are despicable! Amazon would not post this comment if I gave my opinion of Anyone not concerned about the cruelty that is animal testing, especially those who find it laughable!

• Likely yes they’re mild.

sensitive skin According to Amazon, below is information on “Where It’s From”. I have no used it on my baby’s face since we have boogie wipes that are saline and water wipes, but if I had to, it wouldn’t bother me to use this on his face, although I wouldn’t do it on a normal basis, as I don’t know if it would dry out his skin. Purified Water Pharmaceutical-grade purified water makes up at least 97.9% of the liquid found in Amazon Elements Baby Wipes. The process starts with drinking water from the underground White Lick Creek Aquifer in Mooresville, Indiana. After the water is collected, it’s purified in several stages—sedimentation, charcoal filtration, deionization, and ultraviolet disinfection. The end result? A wipe that’s safe and gentle on a baby’s sensitive skin. Aloe The aloe for Amazon Elements
Baby Wipes is grown in the sunny city of Melbourne on Florida’s Atlantic coast. The company produces a variety of aloe extracts, powders, gels, and more—along with a little organic shea butter on the side. The aloe is harvested every six to eight weeks, by hand-selecting fresh leaves from the base of each plant. It’s then processed within two hours to ensure its active molecules don’t begin to break down, which helps preserve aloe’s ability to soothe and moisturize. Our Supplier Amazon Elements Baby Wipes are made in Mooresville, Indiana by the wet-wipe experts at Nice-Pak Products, Inc.—a family-owned company since their founding in 1957. The baby wipes are produced in a zero-landfill plant: waste is recycled, and the remainder is converted to steam heat. The recyclable lid on the flip-top pack can go straight to the recycling bin—helping Nice-Pak reduce plastic use by 36% per year compared to their previous lid. We’re proud to have teamed up
with them to deliver your wipes. What It’s Made Of Showing 6 of 12 These baby wipes help keep your baby clean by using only ingredients that have no added scent. We evaluated each ingredient to determine whether or not it should be included—these are all common components to baby wipes, and together they make the wipe more effective and help keep it fresh. We’ve included details on the ingredients giving you transparency into the products you buy for your family. Some ingredients list more than one source due to changes in availability; scan the unique code on your pack with the Amazon mobile app to learn the specific source. Contents (in order of prevalence) and raw material supplier location. 1) Polyester, Viscose & Polypropylene Blended together, these fibers form a soft, strong cloth wipe. (Liaoning Province, China) 2) Purified Water Moistens wipes. (Mooresville, IN) 3) Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Also known as aloe extract. This extract is a blend of aloe, wat
er, and glycerin; soothes and moisturizes skin. (Melbourne, FL) 4) Tocopheryl Acetate Also known as vitamin E acetate; supports skin hydration. (Zhejiang Province, China) 5) Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate Derived from coconut oil; works with polysorbate 20 to provide gentle cleansing. (University Park, IL) 6) Polysorbate 20 Provides gentle cleansing. By combining with disodium cocoamphodiacetate this ingredient becomes more effective. (Gurnee, IL)


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